Stoff Candles by Ester & Erik 6PK Soft Brown

139,00 kr

Box with 6 pcs.

The exclusive, hand-dyed STOFF Nagel taper candles by Danish ester & erik have a long and tapered shape with a cone-shaped bottom to make them fit perfectly in the STOFF Nagel candle holders. The candles do not drip, are self-extinguishing and burn out slowly and elegantly so that no residues are left in your candle holders.

The candles are made of pure paraffin wax, a pure mineral product cleansed of impure particles. Furthermore paraffin wax has the smallest carbon footprint and the least environmental impact of all waxes.

The cotton wicks are made of cotton, which has a lower impact on the indoor-climate than traditional wicks, as fewer particles are released.

Burning time: 4 hours per candle

Dimensions: H: 29 cm, Ø: 1,3 cm