Riklund Wool Rug Beige

10.499,00 kr

This is a made to order item. Estimated time of arrival is 2-3 weeks from date of order.

190 x 290

Follow its curves and don’t you worry about a thing - these artful snake shapes in soft beige don’t bite, but offer a tactile experience for your feet. Riklund is a sophisticated play mat for spirited adults and the young at heart. A fun-loving member of our Wardrobe Staples, this piece can dominate a room on its own or just add a bit of flair. 

As this piece is wool tufted each rug will differ slightly from the next and have its own personality. Love and care for Riklund and it will settle in and add life to any room.

Wool tufted by skilled craftsmen. All pieces are unique. 

As this piece is very soft and supple, it comes with an antil-slip underlay for you to cut to the measurement you prefer for your rug.

The individual pieces may vary slightly in exact measurement.

Riklund is produced in limited volumes, only a few of each size are available for purchase.

Care instructions: spot clean only, vacuum clean blunt, show your rug love and respect.

This rug is made from wool which makes it very durable and naturally dirt repellent.

As wool is a natural material your rug may shed excess fiber.

Your rug will thrive on any type of surface, including floors with underfloor heating.