LED Candles

244,00 kr 349,00 kr

The STOFF Nagel LED candles by Uyuni Lighting unite longer durability, better indoor climate, safety and beauty in one candle. All of the beauty, with none of the harm. They are made with a 3D electronic flame that gently flickers, creating a soft and inviting light in your home as a real living flame. Also, the candles are made with a Virgin Paraffin Wax surface to make them stand beautifully and authentic in the candle holders.

The candles are battery-powered by 2 pcs. AAAA batteries per LED candles (not incl.) and can be controlled using the built-in 6-hour timer. If you want to switch off the candles before the build-in 6-hour timer, unscrew the bottom of the candles to loosen the batteries.

Use the remote control by Uyuni Lighting (sold separately) to control all your STOFF LED candles at once. Set the timer in 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours intervals and choose between the 3 position dimmer switch.

Dimensions: h: 20 cm d: 1,3 cm