Hashira Table Lamp Portable Raw

1.895,00 kr

This is a made to order item. Estimated time of arrival is 6-8 weeks from date of order.

The Hashira Collection, designed for MENU by Norm Architects, takes its cues from Japanese paper lanterns. The portable iteration of the mood-enhancing design delivers ambient lighting on the go, bringing a warm glow and subtle tactility to spaces indoors and out. Small in scale yet big in impact, it has the freedom and flexibility to move anywhere you want. Fitted with a concealed USB charger socket at the base, the lamp provides 10 hours of adjustable light when fully charged. Place it on our Charger Board, which reanimates multiple devices in a single sitting, or charge using a standard socket.

To preserve battery life, switch the lamp off when charging and do not leave plugged in while in use.


H: 23,5 cm

Ø: 10 cm


Steel, linen, PS plastic, ash

Thickness of linen may vary giving a slightly

different light