Balloon Vase 04 Grande

4.299,00 kr

Size: Ø13-31 H42

Introducing the LOUISE ROE Balloon Vase 04 Grande.

This piece is another take on the iconic Balloon Vase, however now in a ceramic glaze. Its tactile exterior differentiates itself from the originally soft glass impression. Hand-molded in Portugal, each object is unique and displays its own character, which we greatly admire.  

Whilst exhibiting contemporary interior elements, this series also showcases bodily traits of the Venus from Willendorf (often referred to as Nude Woman). Symbolising motherhood, fertility, and luck, this female figurine is truly a historical appreciation.

The Raw White is a touch of purity and calmness. Its natural and unglazed outer exterior, achieved by the ceramic kiln alone, creates a sense of space and brightens surrounding interior.