Yana Brewing Pot H19 Grey Glazed

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Made with the perfect brew in mind, MENU’s Yana Brewing Pot serves up hot or cold tea or coffee thanks to its innovative double filter immersion design that steeps leaves and grinds in water to release their natural flavours. The sleek and speckled stoneware design holds a double filter made from a layer of stainless steel etching filter and a layer of stainless steel mesh filter, allowing for the perfect filtering of both tea leaves and coffee grind. Sitting comfortably in the hand and with an angled spout for easy pouring, the simple look of Yana means it blends effortlessly with existing kitchenware designs.


H: 19 cm

Ø: 10,7 cm

W: 17,6 cm

V: 1L


Ceramic, glaze