Balloon Vase 04 Opal White

2.999,00 kr

The Opal White Balloon Vase glows in an angelic manner, emitting calmness and balance in its wake. Its simplistic and intriguing facade compliments various settings.

This graceful series owes its title to the artisanship behind the mouth-blowing glass technique, by which the vase attains its alluring shape and outer exterior. This methodology involves expanding the fine material in a manner resembling the process of blowing up a balloon - perceptible in the object's sculptural characteristics.

Crafted by our team of specialists in Poland, the vases endure the touch of numerous hands before, and leading up to, their finishing touches. The creational ingenuity behind the artistry, in turn, contributes to the individual weight, width, as well as colour intensity of each object in the entire collection. We believe that this gifts the pieces their special and peculiar charisma.

Elegantly complimented by a bouquet of flowers, each vase, smaller or larger, is characteristically also a stand-alone monumental piece of art. Moreover, the appreciable and varying colours create urbane reflections when placed in direct sunlight.


The glass material is fragile and should therefore always be handled with care.

When conveying the Balloon Vase, customers should make note of the above-stated measurements concerning the varying weight and size measurements.

Each object in the collection, as with the majority of our products, carries a product-claimer slip.