Tuck Scented Candle Cashmere

359,00 kr

The Tuck vase is reimagined as a candleholder for our series of scented candles. The crumpled, light-reflecting surface, originally crafted by hand to lend the characteristics of paper to the surface of the design, has been glazed in a range of glossy colours – there’s one to suit every scent and mood. The cashmere Tuck scented candle has a subtle chamomile scent.

Size: Ø: 9 x H: 9 cm

Material: Stoneware pot with high-gloss coloured glaze with soy wax candle

Blue: Lemongrass scent Cashmere: Chamomile scent Red Brown: Fig scent Up to 40 hours of burning time. Packed in a cotton bag. Registered design

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth

Attention text: Make sure to extinguish the candle before it reaches the bottom of the cup. Never leave a lit candle out of sight.